Pursuing Growth through Global Market Access

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Investment Strategy

Platform Company Structure

Since 2014, we have successfully established and developed a Med-Tech platform together with an entrepreneurial investor group with strong industry knowledge in medical technology.

Our objective is to establish an additional sector platform and further strengthen our med-tech platform in 2019.

Investment Focus

We are not focused on a specific sector, however there is a particular interest in MedTech, Diagnostics and Digital Health.

We invest in fast-growing small to mid-sized niche companies and prefer buy-out situations in which we enable the former owner(s) to reinvest.

These characteristics can typically either be found within established companies with sustainable competitive advantage and strong earnings performance or in late stage ventures with strong growth and skilled management.

Investment Criteria

Equity investments between €5m and €50m in each company - larger investment can be made alongside co-investors.

Majority stake of 100% shareholdings (incl. participation of former owner / management team) preferred.

We are looking for companies which have global expansion potential particularly in China and the US.


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