A Circle of Entrepreneurial Investors

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About Us

Westlake Partners is a circle of experienced entrepreneurs and international investors with extensive experience in building and internationalizing large companies and transforming them into global leaders in their niche.

Following an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach, Westlake seeks active investments into medium-sized companies by providing both growth capital as well as strategic support alike.

Leveraging our extensive network and industry knowledge, we give portfolio companies access to global markets with a special focus on China (office in Shanghai since 2014) and the USA (setup of office in 2019).

As our multidisciplinary investment team combines wide-ranging managerial and investment experience in the small and mid cap sector, we accelerate further growth in creating operational value and fostering corporate innovation.

Together with highly experienced international industry experts we form a board for every company, which supports management in entering new business fields and achieving extraordinary growth.

We pursue a long-term investment strategy with no restrictions by fund regulations.

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